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b-but thank you so much I was overwhelmed by all the messages everyone left for me TvT!
Sorry I didn't reply to them seperately because it'd just be me sounding really derpy and repetitive and all that OTL
But thanks guys ;w; I don't really celebrate or care much for my birthday but all your messages made my day *^*;;

also it was about time I shifted that old journal down... >v>;;

Hello I'm still here I'm still alive!
In terms of latest news, I'm working now. The difficulty level of actually finding time to work on art rises so drastically I cannot... OTL
I'm drawing a lot more sketches that aren't really of "put-on-dA'" quality, but maybe one day I'll combine all my sketches into a massive sketchdump and upload them or something... orz if people actually want to see that... orz

We're updating a lot more<???> on our MBTI Project ( at the moment, and sometimes I post sketches and messy scribbles on there, because sketches and scribbles are a lot cheaper and I can do those after work hours and all that :'D

Hopefully I'll be able to draw some decent CGs to put up in my gallery sometime soon TvTbbb
W-what is completed art can you eat it and is it delicious?

/rolls off
[directly copied and pasted from the Project MBTI Tumblr -- for people who are still following updates through my dA, please follow our tumblr instead OmO/]

So sorry for the long wait and the sudden disappearance — vacation was super cool and we had lots of fun and we came back with more ideas for all of the characters etcetc. Now that we're back in business though, here's some news for all our lovely beta heroines (if you guys are still with us, of course)…

1. Adam and Issac will be [s]forced to be[/s] on as often as they can in the next one week. Much apologies to all the heroines who didn't get the chance to talk to them, they've been busy and all that, but for the span of one week they'll be on hopefully for most of the day (so people in different time zones can probably try to catch them too)!

2. We will be releasing the actual "next set" after the above stated one week.

But in the meantime…


[ENTP] Warren Sanders —>
[ENFP] William Sanders —>

[s]Yes that's right Hika's Ne heaven is here.[/s]

Will will be on for the next week only, and Warren will stay on for the rest of the month.

Same thing as usual, add them to your MSN list (if you don't already have Will on) and poke them when you see them online. Remember to send us any feedbacks/comments/fangirl rants etc about the characters and your chats with them! : D
So our grad show's over, our final presentations are over, and that means for Hika: ~*FREEDOM*~!
Hopefully I'll be able to catch up and start putting up more artwork here and there but before that can happen...
May's vacation month for me. D:

From May3~May11 I will be on a trip to Australia with my parents, and during this period I'm not sure if I'll get internet access so responses will be slow, Hika will be inactive, etcetc (not that she wasn't previously, what with FYP and all that, but alas)

I'll be back on May 12, before another trip on May 20~26, so there's that too. :'D

All that put to one side I hope I'll be able to draw more and get more art uploaded in the next two months, catch up on SOD (yes yes I know wincing at how long we've put chapter 9 to one side OTL) and continue working on Project MBTI! OwO/

/rolls off
Thanks to all the beta-heroines who participated in the first round with Will, Josh and Caleb! The chatlogs are lovely, you guys are lovely, everything's going smoothly, etc etc! : D

We're now going to move on to the next set, so as usual, just add them to your MSN and start talking to them!

We've received several curious queries as to who the next set will be OqO Well, now you get to know!
(insert dramatic drumroll here)

[ENTJ] Adam Walker
[ISTP] Issac Reynolds (double s double a!)

... yes that's right we're currently in our Ossan!season.
What? You don't share my ossan moe?
Blasphemy >:

Also note that arguments and profanities will most probably happen if you add both of them into the same conversation.
No, really.

Psst we update random things on our tumblr every now and then so do follow us there! -->
This is where Hika has her fingers crossed and hopes that people help us with this. OmO........

So we've got a small little silly project on-going at the moment.

In order to allow us to get used to the voices and personalities of the 16 Types of MBTI gijinka, we've started a mini MSN-Roleplay Project like thing and we'd greatly appreciate your help OwO; If you could spare us some time and you're slightly interested, please read for details! : D

Yes, Beta-Heroines. Not Beta-Players yet because the Game's not even being coded yet. We need people to assume the roles of the "Heroine" in an Otome game and talk to the various characters through msn. They would basically type back as if you're having an MSN convo of sorts. Heart points start at 0, so some characters might be a little… well… (coughs) but that's all part of the beta test too! *SHOT*

Why Beta-Heroines?
We need to get used to the way characters react to different people, different reactions, and different situations. The amount of "random" situations we can generate on our own is greatly limited, and we realised we need input from many many more different people in order to ensure that the characters and scripts are well-rounded enough to respond to all sorts of players and their choices. Conversations with Beta-Heroines will also be used as fodder and inspiration for Sae when she's writing the game script and deciding how each Heroine acts, etc.

What do I need to know?
Not much, really. You can jump in and talk to them without any prior knowledge of types and personalities, or even our game's story, and just talk to the characters as if you were you. Be yourself! That's perfectly fine and we welcome this!

But if you would so prefer to, here's the actual background and setting of the game, for the slightly more hardcore Heroines who would like to participate in the story more. The Heroine is a student doing her internship in the final year of University (choice of Major to be confirmed, at the moment it's Events Management, or some kind of business course). For four months she has been allocated to work in The Company, a company that specialises in planning and organizing large scale events (usually for the government or other very large corporations, etc).

The Company is a very happy company! *SHOT*

This is mainly because all the types are department heads (of sorts) allocated job scopes that fit their type preferences close-to-perfectly. Because of this it's actually a very well-respected company in the industry, and the Heroine is overjoyed to be assigned to it for work. There are four main departments in the company, each managing a specific aspect.

[SJs] Human Resources and Logistics: Deal with workforce management, human resources, welfare, finance and logistics, etc.

[SPs] Company Specialists: Consisting of specialist consultants that deal with different things - design, entertainment, mechanics, and even company negotiations.

[NTs] Projects and Systemic Management: Manage workflow, timeline, the overall proposal, various systems and specifications of a project.

[NFs] Public Relations and Bridging: Everything to do with communications between the company and the greater public; company image, marketing, publications and communications.

The Heroine will assigned to one of these departments of her choice, where she has to work together with the rest of her colleagues and of course the rest of the company to bring a major event (to be specified later)

*You can read more about the different types by clicking their department names above!

What do I need to do? </u>
It's simple enough actually.

1. Take the MBTI-type test if you haven't already. (you can find four links to four suitable tests here)

2. Add the characters that are currently "released" (we'll release them when we think they're ready to be "beta-ed") to your MSN list.

3. Leave us a message (a comment in this journal, a note to me, askbox, our email — transient[dot]ideas[at]gmail[dot]com) stating that you've added the characters. In the message, also please state your MSN nickname (the one that we'll be seeing before the "says:") and your MBTI type (this is just for survey purposes). If you have chosen to adapt to the world settings, specify the Department you are in.

4. Start poking them. Well, depending on who is currently online, some types actually poke you so there's that.

5. Send any thoughts/feelings/comments/reactions to characters to us through the same channels (my dA, email, or askbox. Any comments appreciated! "Bastard" "heee he's so shy I cannot" etc are all welcome) Remember to tell us which character you're referring to!

6. We will probably update on my dA and in our tumblr if there are any new changes/characters/events going on. Hopefully once we get certain characters out, you will be receiving emails from them to notify you about certain things that are going on throughout the beta period. (If you would prefer that we send any notifications to an email account other than your MSN address, please tell me in the comment you leave to sign up as a Beta-Heroine!)

Also, please note that we will be saving chatlogs of your chats with the characters for research and archival purposes, and if this makes you uncomfortable somehow, please tell us in advance!

Okay I'm ready, now what?
Add them : D We're planning on releasing (for god's sake) all 16 characters at some point. However since we're still fiddling with most of them, we'll release them slowly and gradually, only when we think they're ready to be interacted with. At the moment we have three characters up and running. The times they come online differ, but please note that the people playing them have school and work and etc and live in Singapore, and thus other than weekends they're usually only online at night, GMT+8. Some other times life happens, and we hope you'll bear with us.

For now, we have:

[ENFP] William (Will) Sanders:
[INFP] Caleb Mathagamain:
[INTJ] Joshua (Josh) Evans:

Responses and ways of dealing with people will differ according to the types, obviously. (Also Josh is a bastard so don't take anything too personally okay? I'll remind him to play nice.) They will also interact with each other, so if you would like group conversations (or sometimes you'll be dragged into some, so don't be too surprised) just ask.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading this huge chunk of tl;dr, and thank you for your interest in Project M! ♥



Our Tumblr is up as well, so as promised you can read about the project and the various types and their profiles here! : D
Sae and I will be putting up drabbles, snippets, sketches here and there and everywhere like we do for our symbiotific account so do follow us if you're interested in that OvOb
(... most of the stuff on at the moment are BL though ahaha)
Hello hello! Sorry for my sudden absence from dA... FYP work's picking up since it's the final spurt for us so there's a high chance you won't get to see too much of Hika (except for this occasional motion blur from her running past) until everything's over. OTL I'm still doing quite a lot of sketches in my freetime but they're really messy sketches not suitable for dA OTL Orz orz My graduation show's at the end of April so hopefully after then I'll be able to come on dA a lot more.

But alas I digress, that's not the point of this entry.
I'm here to help a friend pass on a message for any artist who has stuff to sell but
a. didn't get a booth
b. didn't think it was worth it to get a booth due to lack of merchandise

I'll just directly quote her here since she probably explains it better than me anyway!


NUSCAS Cosfest X.2 Booth Space Rental

Hello to you all!

NUS Comics & Animation Society (NUSCAS) is offering our Cosfest X.2 booth space for rent to artists, or anyone who is interested in selling merchandise but doesn't plan on getting a booth solely for themselves :D

We will be having our booth for the entire two days of Cosfest X.2 (25 & 26 Feb 2012) from 11:30am - 6:00pm (setup time will be from 11:30am - 12:30pm).

You are able to sell items at our booth for only one day or for both days. There is no minimum quantity of goods you have to sell. Currently, we do not have a limit on the maximum quantity of goods you can sell, but please understand that we will be selling our own products during the event as well. We will of course do our best to accommodate and properly display all the products that we will have :) The Cosfest booth table is 2m x 1m, with blue satin skirting provided.

Please note that NUSCAS will be collecting 20% of a seller's total sales (whether 1-day or 2-day) for booth space and manpower. Sellers are not required to be at the booth during the time of sales (i.e. the event itself), our club members will be manning the booth.

Sellers are required to bring their merchandise down to Downtown East on the morning of Day 1 (25 Feb). As it is our university's recess week, we are unable to collect and store any merchandise for sellers before Cosfest. If you have difficulty delivering your merchandise on Day 1, please state so when you reply us with your details and we can work something out from there :) Between Day 1 and Day 2 (26 Feb), NUSCAS will be holding on to your merchandise, to facilitate set up on Day 2. However, if you would like to hold on to your own items after Day 1, we will gladly work out something with you as well :D

Payment to sellers will be made in cash only at the end of Day 2 (for 2-day sellers) or at the end of Day 1 (1-day sellers). Sellers are required to collect their merchandise when they collect their money. Uncollected money and merchandise will be held by NUSCAS for seller for a week only. NUSCAS will have a record of all the items we manage to sell. Sellers will be able to check this before accepting their money.

If you are interested in renting some of our booth space, please send the following details to :

Contact no.:
Selling Dates: (e.g. 'only 25 Feb' or '25 & 26 Feb' etc.)
Number/Type of Products:
Est. Pricing (lowest~highest):
(e.g. please state any difficulties or questions you might have :)

**Please reply by Sunday, 19 Feb 2012, 1159hrs.**

I'm sorry for the overload of details, I would just like to be clear to everyone on how we plan to manage this booth space rental! We hope you will consider our offer, looking forward to seeing you at Cosfest X.2! :D

Best Regards,
(Ms) Foo Chuan Min
NUS Comics & Animation Society


So there's that : D
If you're interested please do contact them!

I'll be at Cosfest X.2 on both days but... (surprise surprise) not selling anything because I've got cosplay plans for both days this time... ^q^;;
APH Cardsverse on Day1 and Madoka Magica on Day 2! : D
My team members are so awesome I am going to bask in their sparkling glory on both days I swear that's all that I'm doing sob.

I'll most probably only be producing merchandise after I graduate and all that... but I'm hoping to push for a SOD doujin sometime soon after that (hopefully by then we've finished the actual fic fff) *w*b

That's it for now!
/rolls off
G-gaah thank you all for all the birthday wishes!! QvQ There I was wondering why my inbox was flooded and suddenly all these lovely comments and pink cakes (really though, what's with them pink birthday cakes?) TvT!!

I didn't get the chance to reply to every single happy birthday because I'm lazy like that orz but this is a journal to thank everyone who dropped by and gave me a comment ;w; This Hika is not worthy...! QmQ!!!

Oh, and happy new year to everyone too! 8DDDD
Eeeee thanks so much for all the requests!! 8'D My checklist is getting rather scarily long so I think before I overwhelm myself too much requests are officially closed!! OvO

Thanks again to everyone who left a request, I'll do my best to finish all of them...! (looks off into the distance)
See you guys again on Christmas! OwO

S-so this really awesome person by the name of Zhenjie (guys if he has a dA tell me I need to plug him in more DD8) made a video for APH Day and and NEVERMIND THE FACT THAT MY UGLY FACE IS IN IT LOOK AT IT IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

I miss APH Day already (´・ω・`)
A-all my feelings I cannot deal with this again like this.

So anyway here's the video look at the beautiful way it's put together ogod the videography and fjffdsfjakldsjalga-- ;A;

Sorry I have too many feelings.
/rolls off

Anyway, AFA 2011 was awesome! Thanks to everyone who dropped by our booth and bought stuff! For people who have bought the doujin I hope you guys have enjoyed the overly saccharine fluff! =D
I had quite a few male customers too, surprisingly... hope they enjoyed the doujin too 8'DD;;;

I-I'm really terrible with words and all that but really, thank you everyone for your support and patronage! Hika is muchly honoured and very very flattered! >m<

I also received some very lovely drawings from some of the customers...! ;A; T-thank you guys so much! Your art will go on my display shelf forever! <33

Anyway now that AFA's over my life feels empty again... ^q^;;
I will not be selling at EOY, but I'll be there, most possibly in cosplay with a friend (USUK \^o^/) so I guess I'll see some of you guys there then? C:

Online sales will probably be coming up very soon - once I settle all the other things I've abandoned for the past few weeks because of AFA and School >_<;;; Thank you all for your patience and I'm really really sorry for the wait! <33
Livestream is over and image is finished >m<// Thanks to everyone who came!
(And those who sacrificed sleep hope you guys caught up with sleep and had enough rest D8)
Thank you thank you thank you everyone who came to APH Day 2011 @ Singapore! <333 It was such an awesome turn out that shocked the entire crew as usual, and all the participants were so enthusiastic and passionate and willing and ajdlfjdgklajkflda >/////<

I've ranted enough on our blog, so I'll stop here on dA ahaha =w=/

APH Day is over, but we'll still be doing lots of wrapping up on our blog here! You guys can also check out our 2011 Archive and Gallery for some videos/photos/reports of the event >v<//

Still reeling in the post-event high... I-I'll get better soon.
S-so much feelings I cannot-
(well okay, it's going to be eight more days in around 30 minutes or so... not the point.)

OwO/ For people who have yet to do so, we'll be doing a daily mass update spam on our blog and twitter account with news, sneak previews, extra information, etcetc, so if you've yet to do so please do keep an eye on those platforms!

We'll be uploading a video tutoial for the bon odori dance that we'll be dancing together soon too, so don't miss out on that! (Psst- You can watch a really silly trailer version of the bon odori tutorial if you go on our blog ^q^)

Also I'm not sure if me announcing it here will do anything, but people who have booked a slot in the cafe and have yet to respond to our confirmation emails for your order, please please do reply soon! O AO! The payment is due in too, so our cafe crew can start getting all the ctlery and utensils and ingredients together TvT// Hope you guys understand!

C: Me being me, my dA for the next week or so will be APH Day spam, so bear with me guys TvT <333

...soooo excited * A *;;;
And I'm totally not being biased when I tell you our crew is made of all sorts of awesome.

No objections.

You can view our crew page here!! --> Cosplayer Crew!
It might take a while to load the page, but you should be able to hover over the images and click on them to load the individual pages C:

And because we know that MORE people will be tempted to come join us for our cafe after this (coughcoughhinthint), we'll be extending the deadlines for Cafe Pre-Order Booking till Oct 7th Midnight!! OuO/

... okay yes I'm a little high and happy and going proud!parent-mode on you guys now, so pardon me for that.
Please please do spread the word to your friends who are in Singapore or will be coming to Singapore for the event etcetc! We still have open slots for the cafe! OwO//

To everyone else who is coming, hope this little tidbit makes you more excited about the event!
>w< Less than a month away now and we're in our final preparation phase, so look forward to more updates soon! OwO///
Eh, the rest of the crew members are pushing pretty hard for this in terms of publicity... I'm not really sure if me doing this will change anything, but let's try it out 8'DD

SO GUYS, it's almost a month to APH Day on October 22, and Singapore's organizing team and crew members are starting to get busy with all the preparations! C8 For people who don't know, this year's APH Day @ Singapore has a theme - a School Festival (Gakuen Bunkasai)! Following in the footsteps of last year though, we'll still be offering a cafe (like all those cafes in school festivals you see in anime), and unlike last year, we're going to be using a Pre-Order Booking System this year!

This is mainly because due to popular demand, we have chosen to increase the variety of food choices in our menu, and pre-booking is the best way for you to ensure that you get the dish that you want, the way you want it! C:

You can read more about our super awesome menu (cafe team I bow down to thee) and details on booking here!!

There are still plenty of open slots, so people who are interested in good affordable food (come on guys, this menu selection for only S$5 per set? You know we aren't kidding about it being affordable!), served by our awesome cosplayer crew, please please please direct yourselves - or your friends! - to the Cafe page of our official site and send in your bookings!

Bookings close officially on September 30th, which is pretty soon! OuO So for those who have yet to book, here's a good way to come to the event, have your lunch, talk to your fellow Hetalia friends, and get served by your favourite countries! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

ON A SIDE - but still equally important - NOTE, you can follow us for more updates on our Twitter Account @aphdaysg! And updates galore it's going to be for the next month! OwO/

Thank you so much for your attention! And please please help spread the word to your friends about this <333
Looking forward to seeing you guys on APH Day itself!!
I believe I have some explaining to do. OvO And I would like to do this as straightforward and as sincerely as possible. Some apologies are to be made, and I hope that people will take this for what it is. If possible it'd be nice if everyone could read through the entire thing and not jump to conclusions or judgements about the situation OwO Thanks in advance!

This morning I received a note from a very kind stranger who pointed out a particular issue about my latest deviation. For people who have noticed, yes I have taken it down, and yes it is exactly because of this issue.

She stated that upon overlaying it with another artist's artwork, there was a complete lack of distortion in the facial area and warned me that I should not be tracing other people's artwork without at least providing a reference for my trace. At that point I didn't think that I was tracing, but thanks to her words I realised that it probably was somewhere in that territory, and that I would have to take responsibility for this.

I have referenced from the image that she has referred to with a process of drawing angle-guidelines on top of an image and using those exact lines as part of the sketch for pose and angles. This was a method I've used in drawing class, and have not really bothered using outside of it until just recently with the image aforementioned. ^ ^;;

This method is usually just a few straight lines (indicating head tilt, the chin, the eye line, angle of neck, shoulders, etcetc and so on so forth), and commonly done with more classical paintings or photo references. I have, unfortunately, taken the angles off someone else's drawing this time, though it was restricted only to the facial areas. It was a relatively complex angle that I've been having problems with, which resulted in the gesture sketch that I ended up with being so detailed, it can be taken for a (very crude, but nevertheless-) trace. I pretty much carved out in straight lines most of the forehead, nose, jaw line, chin and eye angle-lines in said gesture sketch, and have used these guide lines for the base sketch of my actual picture.

However, I have failed to acknowledge this in my artist comment, and have thus taken the image down due to my error.

I do not intend on making any excuses for myself and this is a pretty embarrassing mistake on my part. That being that, I believe I owe everyone a formal apology for what I have done, and would like to assure any worried individuals around that I have not used this method for any of my other drawings in my gallery. I would've taken them down along with the aforementioned problematic image if that was the case. It just happened to be a complex facial angle that I wanted to check, but obviously went a little too far in my methods. Gesture sketch or crude trace, I should not have done it and am very, very sorry.

To all the people who have faved, commented, etc and are wondering where the hell the image disappeared to, I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience caused by this 8'D;; I'll be re-uploading the image sometime soon with the required corrections from scratch, and hope you guys don't mind checking in again next time for it C:

Thank you very much! OuO/
Thanks again so much for the awesomeness guys >/////< <333
The pic will probably be posted when we upload chapter 12 ^o^/
Livestream session officially over! O-oh gosh it's the first time I drew on LS with so many people watching >_<;; Thanks so much for everyone who came and even more thanks to the awesome people who made the chatbox so lively and amusing and entertaining 8'DD

Thanks to you guys I've managed to finish the cover of the doujin <333
A few minor edits and I'll put it up in my gallery OwO/

/rolls off happy and sated
But if it wasn't for the note that someone sent to that group I didn't even think that there'd still be messages left by people there! I'm really really sorry and I'll make it a point to drop by the group page every now and then to reply to queries and excited potential-readers and all that! >_<;;; Oh my god the guilt-- I can't even--

On a completely side note! Because I feel so bad about leaving the damned project hanging - especially with so many people expressing their interest and asking if it'll happen up till now on old art - I will be... and this time it's true, restarting the DC Project (at a slow, leisure, casual pace because I'm still working on my FYP at the same time - but that's a game too and I'll need the practise anyway) in Mid November.

... As a Visual Novel Game.

Anyway as usual I'm doing an interest check for a possible team to work with me (at a slow, leisure, casual pace <-- because it's important said it twice) because of the Game scale and all that OwO;; Of course, if at the end no one's interested I'll still be producing the game. Alone.
(/sits in the corner all cold and lonely)

You guys can read more about the project here at the group page itself C:

Thanks again for everyone's patience and continuous love for Desideratum Cross QAQ;;; I feel like I failed as a parent lol... /runs off and hides in a corner
Because I am shameless like a good Hika should be OwO+++

My really really awesome writer-friend and I decided to collaborate and start a multi-chaptered fic for USUK. Yes you read it right, it's a fic. Hika's writing a fic-*shot down for over-emphasizing*

Anyway it's still in the process of being juggled around between us, and judging from our plans it'll last quite a while, but if you're free and in need of a bit of BA do give it a read! OwO/ Updates will be a little slow cus my co-writer has to deal with school and all that TvT;; But they'll definitely come so...!

Copying and pasting the summary because everything else is redundant... XDDD

Title: Heartstrings
Rating: T for now(?)
Genre: Slice-of-life, AU
Characters/Pairings: Alfred, Arthur, ensemble cast | Eventual Alfred/Arthur, with other side pairings
Summary: AU. Arthur Kirkland's too busy to start a relationship. Google's solution: Heartstrings, the new online dating service for the Too Busy. He just didn't think the solution would be so literal.

--> lj

/end shameless plug