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An APH Doujinshi group <3
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【Original】 KxK至上主義 + SotSL | 【APH】 [∂]ω[∂] x ≡ ≡ main

Sorry guys I took down the list of icons since it's been so long and so many people are missing now OuO;;;

>>> Suit of Dissonance @ : Current ongoing multi-chapter AU with Cass!
>>> Heartstrings @ : collab fic with Cass OwO/ Complete!
>>> Default @ : second collab fic with Cass. Random but yet not so random AU drabbles.

>>> tumblr - joint blog with Cass for our writing projects. Sketch dump and drabble dump and... a lot of other stuff 8'D
>>> pixiv: 708789 (but it's really empty at the moment)
>>> Twitter: Rubification
b-but thank you so much I was overwhelmed by all the messages everyone left for me TvT!
Sorry I didn't reply to them seperately because it'd just be me sounding really derpy and repetitive and all that OTL
But thanks guys ;w; I don't really celebrate or care much for my birthday but all your messages made my day *^*;;

also it was about time I shifted that old journal down... >v>;;

Hello I'm still here I'm still alive!
In terms of latest news, I'm working now. The difficulty level of actually finding time to work on art rises so drastically I cannot... OTL
I'm drawing a lot more sketches that aren't really of "put-on-dA'" quality, but maybe one day I'll combine all my sketches into a massive sketchdump and upload them or something... orz if people actually want to see that... orz

We're updating a lot more<???> on our MBTI Project ( at the moment, and sometimes I post sketches and messy scribbles on there, because sketches and scribbles are a lot cheaper and I can do those after work hours and all that :'D

Hopefully I'll be able to draw some decent CGs to put up in my gallery sometime soon TvTbbb
W-what is completed art can you eat it and is it delicious?

/rolls off


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